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Cultural English

Cultural English 20
Topics: Feeling under the weather,
Common abbreviations, Using initials,
Now vs. right now

Cultural English 69
Topics: Studying abroad in college,
Americans and gun control,
come and eat vs. come to eat,
in spite of vs. despite

Cultural English 189
Topics: Famous Americans: Helen Keller;
The Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing;
opposable thumbs; due to versus because of;
the prefix “Mc”

Cultural English 336
Topics: Ask an American - Self-publishing;
intrinsic versus native versus innate versus congenital;
recently versus currently; soccer

Cultural English 404
Topics: Benjamin Spock and The Common Sense Book
of Baby and Child Care; The Florida Everglades;
destroying versus destructive; to catch up; to drop off

Cultural English 477
Topics: The American Indian Movement of the 1970s;
Famous Buildings – The Sears Tower;
inception versus conception versus to beget;
to get back; cash on the barrelhead

Cultural English 508
Topics: American Musicals – Cabaret;
The Guggenheim Museum;
relation versus relationship;
rerun versus syndication;
belly of the beast

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