Unit 036

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Lessons in Unit 036

Daily English

Daily English 351  Asking for a First Date

Ah, true love!  See the beginnings of a beautiful relationship as you learn how to ask the woman of your dreams on a date.

Daily English 352  Understanding Interest Rates

If you need borrow, you may want to get a loan from the bank.  Find out how to talk about interest rates in English in this episode.

Daily English 353  Describing the Taste of Food

Cooking can show another person you love them, even when it tastes bad.  Learn how to describe the taste of food in English in this episode.

Daily English 354  Being Scared

Are you afraid of the dark?  Learn how to talk about being scared in this episode.

Daily English 355  Finding a Bargain

Learn how to describe getting a good price at the store in English in this episode.

Daily English 356  Starting a Franchise Business

Get rich while learning some business English in this episode about franchises.

Daily English 357  Describing Facial Expressions

Learn how to describe the expressions on people’s faces in English in this episode.

Daily English 358  Surfing the Internet

Learn how to talk about using the Internet at work in this episode.

Daily English 359  A Fist Fight

Fighting is not a good way to solve your problems.  Learn more in this episode.

Daily English 360  A Management Dispute

Try not to get involved in any disagreements at work. Learn how in this episode.

Cultural English

Cultural English 176

Topics: The Innocence Project; Craigslist; percent versus percentage; the “in” crowd/place; to swear in

Cultural English 177

Topics: Ask an American: living in a tiny home; volume versus issue versus version

Cultural English 178

Topics: Famous Americans: Sacagawea; NASCAR racing; to take its toll (on someone); you are/is; whatever versus whatsoever

Cultural English 179

Topics: Anti-miscegenation laws; Silicon Valley and the Research Triangle; freeway, highway, and expressway; to sport; dosey doe

Cultural English 180

Topics: Medical/dental tourism; warehouse club stores; yell versus shout; to be depended on; to last; kind versus kindly

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Unit 036


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