Unit 034

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Lessons in Unit 034

Daily English

Daily English 331  Washing Clothes

Learn about how to talk about washing your clothes in English in this episode

Daily English 332  Profit and Loss

Find out how to read a profit and loss statement in English on this episode.

Daily English 333  Quitting Smoking

Smoke, anyone?  Learn about how to end your addiction on this episode.

Daily English 334  Hiding from the Police

If you fought the law and the law won, then listen to this episode where you’ll learn all about crime vocabulary in English.

Daily English 335  Getting a Car Serviced

Take a trip to the mechanic to have your car looked at in this episode.

Daily English 336  Going Out of Business

When a business is doing poorly, sometimes it has to close.  Find out more in this episode.

Daily English 337  Reading Comic Books

They’re not just for kids anymore.  Learn all about graphic novels and comic books in this episode.

Daily English 338  Refusing an Invitation

Learn how to say no to an invitation politely in English in this episode.

Daily English 339  Star-crossed Lovers

Forget about Shakespeare.  Read all about the love between Romeo and Juliette in this episode.

Daily English 340  Office Competition

A contest can sometimes motivate employees to work harder.  Learn more in this episode.

Cultural English

Cultural English 166

Topics: Brown v. Board of Education; yearbooks in American schools; indeed; none of them is/are; down to the wire

Cultural English 167

Topics: Ask an American: underage drinking; to chalk (something) up to; fluke; quite; ain’t; domino effect and chain reaction

Cultural English 168

Topics: American Cities: Detroit; wills, living wills, and advance healthcare directives; solution and solve vs. resolution and resolve; family vs. household

Cultural English 169

Topics: Alternative energy; Monticello; criticize versus chastise versus chasten; please inform versus please be informed; to denominate

Cultural English 170

Topics: Famous Americans: Weird Al Yankovic; Alcoholics Anonymous; figure out versus realize; kind of; noun + --ee and --er

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Unit 034


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