Unit 033

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Lessons in Unit 033

Daily English

Daily English 321  Buying a Jacket or Coat

When it gets cold, you need to get a warm coat.  Go shopping for one in English in this episode.

Daily English 322  Picking up a Rental Car

Learn how to rent a car in the US in English in this episode.

Daily English 323  Rooms in a House

Don’t get lost in your own house!  Learn the names of the different rooms of a house in this episode.

Daily English 324  Corporate Sponsorship

Learn about companies that pay for sponsorship in this episode.

Daily English 325  Describing People’s Moods

Whether you are happy or sad, you’ll enjoy learning about describing people’s moods in this episode.

Daily English 326  Finding the Right Wine

In wine there is truth, the Romans said.  Find out how to select a good one in this episode.

Daily English 327  Getting Caught in the Rain

Learn expressions related to the rain in this episode.

Daily English 328  Dishonesty at Work

Honesty is the best policy, as we learn in this episode.

Daily English 329  Being Persuasive

Want to date my sister?  Let me persuade you in this episode.

Daily English 330  Traveling by Bus

Going somewhere?  Learn how to take a bus in this episode.

Cultural English

Cultural English 161

Topics: Registering to vote and efforts to get out the vote; the G.I. Bill; growl, groan, and mutter; personnel and other collective nouns; to be fond of

Cultural English 162

Topics: Ask an American: cults; can versus could; will versus would; freedom versus liberty

Cultural English 163

Topics: Make-a-Wish Foundation; American Cities: Key West and the Florida Keys; must versus ought to versus need to; nuts and bolts; to buy (something)

Cultural English 164

Topics: Naming Rights; Famous Americans: Cesar Chavez; Why Americans have middle names; future perfect tense; American versus U.S. as an adjective

Cultural English 165

Topics: U.S. Mint; how auctions work; cache versus cash; listen to versus listen for

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Unit 033


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