Unit 032

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Lessons in Unit 032

Daily English

Daily English 311  A Mid-life Crisis

Getting older is not always the same as getting wiser.  Learn about a man’s mid-life crisis in this episode.

Daily English 312  Different Work Styles

What kind of employee are you at your job?  Find out how to describe different work styles in this episode.

Daily English 313  A Suspicious Neighbor

What do you really know about your neighbor?  Find out more in this episode.

Daily English 314  Buying a Digital Audio (MP3) Player

Confused about which portable MP3 player to buy?  Learn what questions to ask in English in this episode.

Daily English 315  Going to the Park

Take a pleasant walk in the park and make new friends in this episode.

Daily English 316  Business Emails and Abbreviations

Learn about common English abbreviations used in emails and letters in this episode.

Daily English 317  Setting the Table

Get your table ready for dinner in this episode, where you’ll learn the names for common items used in eating.

Daily English 318  Writing a Love Song

Music is the language of the heart, so find out about writing a love song in this episode.

Daily English 319  Being Under Stress

Having a bad day?  Learn how to talk about being overworked in this episode.

Daily English 320  Micromanaging the Staff

Every boss has a different style of managing.  Learn how to talk about these styles in English in this episode.

Cultural English

Cultural English 156

Topics: The Chinese Exclusion Act; Library of Congress and the public library system; I thought versus I think; anyway versus however; to make (someone) earn (something)

Cultural English 157

Topics: Ask an American: childhood obesity; besides vs. furthermore vs. moreover; wink-wink; thrill

Cultural English 158

Topics: American Cities: Salt Lake City; university admissions; within versus inside versus interior; so much for; to want out

Cultural English 159

Topics: Famous Americans: William Randolph Hearst; what to call people from the top five cities/states in the U.S.; please as the magic word; using an apostrophe (‘) for possessive cases, remember versus remind

Cultural English 160

Topics: Cook-offs and bake-offs; public health codes; a software evangelist; to look forward to; sandwich versus hamburger

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Unit 032


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