Unit 030

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Lessons in Unit 030

Daily English

Daily English 291  Going on a Diet

Get ready to loose a few pounds (and kilos) in this episode.

Daily English 292  Business Insurance

Protect yourself against problems by getting insurance.  Find out more in this episode.

Daily English 293  Being Affectionate in Public

Everyone has a different idea about how people in love should act in public.  Learn more in this episode.

Daily English 294  Living in a Condo or Co-op

Learn how to talk about living in a condominium or co-op in this episode.

Daily English 295  Playing Video Games

Learn about how to talk about videogames in English in this episode.

Daily English 296  Bad Manners at a Business Lunch

Learn how not to act at a business meeting in this episode.

Daily English 297  Being Rich and Poor

Learn about how to talk about being rich and poor in this episode.

Daily English 298  Visiting a Museum

See great art at the museum in this episode.

Daily English 299  An Old Love

What do you do when an old love calls you?  Find out in this episode.

Daily English 300  Arriving for an Appointment

What should you say when you arrive for a business appointment?  Find out in this episode.

Cultural English

Cultural English 146

Topics: Famous Americans: Annie Leibovitz; home shopping cable channels and celebrity product lines; come versus go; via versus through

Cultural English 147

Topics: Ask an American: Drive-in Theatersto wind (someone) up, you don’t say, how about you versus what about you

Cultural English 148

Topics: American Cities: San Francisco/Bay Area; the ACLU; using ‘back’ to refer to the past; failure versus error versus mistake

Cultural English 149

Topics: U.S. zoning laws; how to become a TV or movie screenwriter; unless versus if, in versus at for locations, persecute versus prosecute

Cultural English 150

Topics:Famous Americans: Great Jazz Artists Josephine Baker and Ella Fitzgerald; the Amish; to be honest versus as a matter of fact; why don’t you versus let’s

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Unit 030


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