Unit 029

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Lessons in Unit 029

Daily English

Daily English 281  All-Inclusive Vacations

It’s time to relax and enjoy your vacation in this episode.

Daily English 282  Offending Someone

You have to be careful about telling certain kinds of jokes at work.  Learn more in this episode.

Daily English 283  A Restaurant Drive-Thru

Feeling hungry but don’t have a lot of time?  Find out how to order at a fast-food restaurant in this episode.

Daily English 284  A Friendly Rivalry

Some men are very competitive.  Find out about how they compete in this episode.

Daily English 285  A Movie Collection

Learn how to talk about DVD movies in this episode.

Daily English 286  Describing Facial Features

Learn how to describe people’s faces in English in this episode.

Daily English 287  A Traffic Jam

Nobody likes a traffic jam.  Find out how to describe getting stuck on the freeway in this episode.

Daily English 288  A Business Contract

Find out how to discuss contracts in English in this episode.

Daily English 289  Communication Problems

What we have here is a failure to communicate.  Learn about talking to your spouse in this episode.

Daily English 290  Riding the Subway

Learn how to take the subway in this episode.

Cultural English

Cultural English 141

Topics: Classic children’s television: Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood; American Cities: Washington, D.C.; mix, combine, stir, and beat; stock photography

Cultural English 142

Topics: Ask an American: Getting Old;brethren versus brothers, would versus used to, I can’t wait anymore versus I can’t wait any longer

Cultural English 143

Topics: Harley Davidson; Famous Americans: Jesse Jackson; because versus since, yikes, speaking of which

Cultural English 144

Topics: Saturday Night Live; Howard Stern and shock jocks; using “to” in who, what, where, when, why questions; state of the art; ways to say “good job!”

Cultural English 145

Topics: Advanced Placement courses and tests; Legos/Legoland and Hot Wheels; might versus maybe; judgment call; no-brainer

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Unit 029


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