Unit 028

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Lessons in Unit 028

Daily English

Daily English 271  Using an ATM

An ATM is supposed to save you time in getting money from your bank.  Learn how to use one in this episode.

Daily English 272  Time Management

So much to do, so little time!  Learn how to manage your time better in this episode.

Daily English 273  Telling Secrets to Parents

Keeping secrets from your parents can sometimes get you in trouble.  Find out how in this episode.

Daily English 274  Buying Stamps at the Post Office

Need to mail a letter?  Find out how to order stamps in English in this episode.

Daily English 275  A Soccer Match

Goal!  Score points at a soccer game in this episode.

Daily English 276  The Stock Market

Learn how not to get rich in the U.S. stock market in this episode.

Daily English 277  Garage Sales

Looking for a good price on something? Go to a garage sale in this episode.

Daily English 278  Meeting the Future In-laws

Worried about meeting your future in-laws?  Find out what to do in this episode.

Daily English 279  Saying Goodbye

Learn how to say good-bye in English in this episode.

Daily English 280  Viral Marketing

Learn how to talk about selling in English in this episode.

Cultural English

Cultural English 136

Topics: The Betty Ford Center; poker; to be short on time versus time is running out, past year versus last year, supervisor versus manager

Cultural English 137

Topics: Ask an American: Bluegrass music; résumé versus curriculum vitae, the number 0 versus the letter O, one over the other

Cultural English 138

Topics: Monster truck shows and races; blue jeans and Levi Strauss, to be up against the wall, liability versus responsibility, pronouncing “either”

Cultural English 139

Topics: Native American reservations/Trail of Tears; retirement communities, the possessive “s,” to be subject to, to be subjected to, hedge trimming

Cultural English 140

Topics: New York Theater District/Broadway shows; Barbie dolls/G.I. Joe; I don’t have versus I have no, in the street versus on the street, identifying yourself on the phone

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Unit 028


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