Unit 026

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Lessons in Unit 026

Daily English

Daily English 251  Stranger on an Airplane

Airplanes can sometimes be a good place to meet new people.  Find out if romance is in the air in this episode.

Daily English 252  A Workers Strike

Not happy at your work?  Maybe you should go on a strike.  Find out more in this episode.

Daily English 253  Traveling by Train

All aboard!  Find out how to take a train in this episode.

Daily English 254  Good Hygiene

Being clean can prevent you from getting sick.  Learn more in this episode.

Daily English 255  Questions About a Product

Learn how to ask questions in English about something you want to buy in this episode.

Daily English 256  Looking for Ideas

Need a new idea at work?  Listen to this episode for some helpful advice.

Daily English 257  Finding a Book at a Bookstore

Learn how to ask for the book you want at a bookstore in this episode.

Daily English 258  Moving in Together

Sometimes couples don’t agree on how to continue their romantic relationship.  Find out more in this episode.

Daily English 259  Making a Restaurant Reservation

Learn how to make a restaurant reservation in English in this episode.

Daily English 260  Business Trends

What will happen to your business in the future?  Find out how to talk about it in English in this episode.

Cultural English

Cultural English 126

Topics: Famous Americans: Grandma Moses;GED Tests, since versus from, is to do (something), calligraphy versus penmanship

Cultural English 127

Topics: Ask an American: Starving Artist; as a matter of fact, process versus procedure, to haggle

Cultural English 128

Topics: American cities: Portland, Oregon; Take Me Out to the Ballgame; ocean versus sea, ability versus capability

Cultural English 129

Topics: Norman Vincent Peale, Japanese internment camps, straightforward, to tap into, made by versus made of versus made in

Cultural English 130

Topics: becoming a lawyer in the U.S., famous lines from American movies, proper versus appropriate

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Unit 026


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