Unit 023

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Lessons in Unit 023

Daily English

Daily English 221  Long Distance Relationships

Ah, long distance love!  Find out about the problems of having a girlfriend on the other side of the country.

Daily English 222  Alternative Medicine

Some people want to try different types of medicine.  Learn more about it in this episode.

Daily English 223  A Mistake in the Hotel Bill

Hotels sometimes make mistakes.  Find out how to get better service in English in this episode.

Daily English 224  Holiday Promotions

The great holiday shopping season is here!  Learn about getting a good deal in this episode.

Daily English 225  Feeling Homesick

Moving to a new city can be difficult.  Learn more about how to adjust in this episode.

Daily English 226  Holiday Decorating

Get your house ready for the holidays in this podcast.

Daily English 227  Describing Symptoms to a Doctor

Feeling sick?  Find out how to talk to your doctor in English in this podcast.

Daily English 228  A Christmas Feast

Christmas is a time for a big meal.  Eat up in this podcast!

Daily English 229  Irritating Co-workers

The French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre once said: “Hell is other people.”  Find out why on this episode.

Daily English 230  A New Year’s Cruise

Nothing is better than a little cruise on the water on a holiday.  Find out more in this episode.

Cultural English

Cultural English 111

Topics: Famous Americans: Yo Yo Ma; Popular books in the U.S., pronouncing contractions, to figure out versus it figures, there will be no versus there will not be, if you will

Cultural English 112

Topics: Ask an American: Roswell, New Mexico; holiday versus vacation, arbitrator versus referee versus umpire, Ay, caramba!

Cultural English 113

Topics: Gallaudet University, U.S. call signs for radio and TV stations, outfit versus gear versus equipment, pronouncing law and low, so versus very

Cultural English 114

Topics: Cities: Boston; vanity license plates, to make a difference versus to make the difference, lame, devil’s advocate

Cultural English 115

Topics: Professional wrestling, National Geographic, would-be versus wannabe, be my guest, why not?

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Unit 023


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