Unit 021

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Lessons in Unit 021

Daily English

Daily English 201  Making a Bet

Sometimes gambling can bring you unexpected rewards.  Find out how in this podcast.

Daily English 202  At the Gas Station

Get some gas for that weekend trip on this podcast.

Daily English 203  Text Messaging

R U interested in text messaging?  Listen to today’s podcast.

Daily English 204  Using Visuals in a Presentation

Give a great presentation by using slides, charts, and graphs.  Find out how on this podcast.

Daily English 205  Shopping for Shoes

Need a new pair of shoes?  Learn how to buy them in English in this podcast.

Daily English 206  A Generation Gap

Kids don’t often understand their parents.  Learn more in this podcast.

Daily English 207  Giving Birth in a Hospital

She’s having my baby!  Give birth in this podcast.

Daily English 208  Corporate Image

Image is everything in business.  Find out about corporate image in this podcast.

Daily English 209  Extreme Sports

If you’re brave, you may want to try some of the sports in this podcast.

Daily English 210  A Family Road Trip

It’s always fun to take a vacation, but this podcast is an exception.

Cultural English

Cultural English 101

Topics: American cities: Honolulu, fantasy sports camps, to freeze a bra, coupon versus voucher, illicit versus illegal

Cultural English 102

Topics: the Pledge of Allegiance, tomato as fruit versus vegetable, to be raised versus to grow up, buy versus purchase, to take the bull by the horns, can versus may versus could when asking for permission

Cultural English 103

Topics: Ask an American: Raising children, one of those, reply versus answer, customer versus purchaser

Cultural English 104

Topics: American cities: Nashville, Grand Ole Opry; school fund-raisers, to hold on to your hat, to be put inside, a blow-by-blow account

Cultural English 105

Topics: Why Americans don’t use the metric system, how to dress in Los Angeles versus New York, yutz, to go back to square one, what to call your cousin’s son, I’m done with you

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Unit 021


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