Unit 020

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Lessons in Unit 020

Daily English

Daily English 191  Changing Money

When you go to a different country, you usually have to change money.  Find out how on this podcast.

Daily English 192  Winning the Lottery

It may be your lucky day!  Find out how to win the lottery in this podcast.

Daily English 193  Placing a Business Order

Make a phone call to place a business order in this podcast.

Daily English 194  An Unwanted House Guest

Having guests at your house can sometimes be a problem.  Find out how on this podcast.

Daily English 195  At an Amusement Park

Have fun at an amusement park in this podcast.

Daily English 196  A Business Plan

Makes lots of money!  Plan to start your own business on this podcast.

Daily English 197  An Apology

What happens when a friend doesn’t keep your secret?  Find out in this podcast.

Daily English 198  Starting a Band

If you want to be a rock star, listen to this podcast and you’ll be famous!

Daily English 199  A Love Letter

Love can make you crazy.  Learn how to talk about being in love in English in this podcast.

Daily English 200  Meeting a Deadline

What happens if you don’t get your work done on time?  Find out in this podcast.

Cultural English

Cultural English 96

Topics: How to become a doctor, how much Americans earn, using from, between, and during, fire versus arson, town hall meetings

Cultural English 97

Topics: Atlanta; Famous Americans: Michael Moore; to have versus to have got, singular versus plural verbs with percentages, sort of versus kind of

Cultural English 98

Topics: McJobs; Robert’s Rules of Order; in for a dime, in for a dollar; a police officer’s beat, could versus would, center versus centre

Cultural English 99

Ask an American: Losing weight in America; 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall, to be (someone’s) man through and through, doggone, to see one’s share of (something), to say (something) 10 times fast

Cultural English 100

Topics: Traveling in the U.S., gimmick versus trick, to call ‘em like you see ‘em, spite versus respite, in demand versus on demand

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Unit 020


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