Unit 019

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Lessons in Unit 019

Daily English

Daily English 181  Company Profiles

Learn how to describe different types of companies in this podcast.

Daily English 182  A Star Trek Convention

Space.  The final frontier.  Go into the future with the television show Star Trek on this podcast.

Daily English 183  At the Pharmacy

When you’re sick, you need to get some medicine.  Take a trip to the pharmacy in this podcast.

Daily English 184  Running a Meeting

We are going to a business meeting in this podcast.

Daily English 185  Ways to Pay

There are many different ways to pay when you shop.  Find out more about them in this podcast.

Daily English 186  Dating a Younger Man/Woman

Should you date someone much younger than you?  Find out in this podcast.

Daily English 187  Enjoying the Outdoors

Take a hike and enjoy the outdoors in this podcast.

Daily English 188  Correcting Misunderstandings at Work

Learn how to correct someone’s mistakes in this podcast.

Daily English 189  Getting Home Late from School

What happens when a teenager doesn’t come home on time from school?  Find out in this podcast.

Daily English 190  Taking a Phone Message

Learn how to take and leave phone messages in this podcast.

Cultural English

Cultural English 91

Topics: Ask an American: Interpreters, pronouncing years and punctuation marks, school leavers and drop outs

Cultural English 92

Topics: Fourth of July, Preamble to the U.S. Constitution, Schoolhouse Rock, will versus shall, to come off

Cultural English 93

Topics: American cities: Las Vegas, Google and privacy on the Internet, red tape, to catch lightening in a bottle, pronouncing ordinal numbers

Cultural English 94

Topics: Famous Americans - Katie Couric, Payday loans, pronouncing listen, stepbrother versus half-brother, godmothers and godfathers

Cultural English 95

Topics: Ask an American: Getting into an MBA program, to spell out something, about to break, breakdown, conscience versus conscious

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Unit 019


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