Unit 018

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Lessons in Unit 018

Daily English

Daily English 171  Buying a Used Car

Want to buy a used car? Learn how in this podcast.

Daily English 172  Legal Problems

Got problems with the law?  Find out about having legal troubles on this podcast.

Daily English 173  Buying Souvenirs

If you want to remember your vacation, be sure to buy a souvenir.  Find out how on this podcast.

Daily English 174  A Potluck

We're having a potluck party, and you're invited.  Find out what to bring in this podcast.

Daily English 175  Places to Live

Looking for a new place to live?  Find out about all of the possibilities in this podcast.

Daily English 176  Time Off from Work

If you want a break from your job, you need to ask permission.  Find out how on this podcast.

Daily English 177  A Wild Driver

Watch out!  You’re going on a wild ride in this podcast.

Daily English 179  Shopping for a Cell Phone

Let’s buy a new cell phone in this podcast.

Daily English 180  Airport Layover

If you like to travel, then listen to this podcast to learn about having to spend time in an airport.

Cultural English

Cultural English 86

Topics: Famous Americans: Frank Gehry, Memorial Day, odd one out, as good as it gets. film versus movie

Cultural English 87

Topics: Trouble with my car, Ask an American: Home Schooling, breakthrough versus to break through, to ride shotgun

Cultural English 88

Topics: Yellowstone National Park, summer jobs for teenagers, I’ll be in later versus I’ll be in late, loudly versus aloud versus loud, pronouncing lounge, lunch, and launch

Cultural English 89

Topics: Airport X-ray machines, Guinness Book of World Records, to be under siege, to run like butter, girlfriends, to trade up

Cultural English 90

Topics: State and county fairs, Stan Lee and Spider-Man, Miss versus Mrs. versu Ms., to be in bloom, in order to

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Unit 018


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