Unit 017

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Lessons in Unit 017

Daily English

Daily English 161  A Bad Boss

If you don't like your boss, then this podcast is for you.

Daily English 162  Training a New Employee

Learn about training a new employee on this podcast.

Daily English 163  Saving and Spending Money

Learn about how people do and do not save their money in this podcast.

Daily English 164  Seeing a Specialist

If you have a serious health problem, you may need to see a specialist.  Find out how in this podcast.

Daily English 165  A Practical Joke

Be careful playing practical jokes on your coworkers.  Learn more in this podcast.

Daily English 166  A Marriage Proposal I

How do you ask a woman to marry you?  Learn how in this podcast.

Daily English 167  Marriage Proposal Part II

Asking a woman to marry you isn't always easy, as we learn in this podcast.

Daily English 168  The Home Improvement Store

Need to fix your house?  Go to the home improvement store in this podcast.

Daily English 169  Describing People’s Looks

What do you look like?  Find out how to describe people on today's podcast.

Daily English 170  Questions and Answers at a Presentation

In this podcast, learn how to answer questions at a presentation at work.

Cultural English

Cultural English 81

Topics: Earth Day, Dr. Seuss books, pronouncing sin, sing, hit, heat, and hate; about six o’clock versus around six o’clock; What I wouldn’t give versus What I would give; I couldn’t care less versus I could care less

Cultural English 82

Topics: US advertising in other countries; Habitat for Humanity; bad-tempered vs. short-tempered; no pun intended; to be raining cats and dogs

Cultural English 83

Topics: Ask an American - International students in the U.S. don’t versus doesn’t; ain’t; you singular versus you plural

Cultural English 84

Topics: Homelessness in the U.S.; prenups and postnups; “Smith’s the name, oil’s the game”; to weep versus to cry, to see someone smile

Cultural English 85

Topics: U.S. Census, Driving While Texting, as well as versus as long as, change versus alter versus modify versus transform

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Unit 017


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