Unit 016

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Lessons in Unit 016

Daily English

Daily English 151  Eating at a Buffet

Learn about eating at a buffet in this podcast.

Daily English 152  Planning a Company Retreat

Plan a meeting for your company in this podcast.

Daily English 153  A Complaint Letter to a Tour Company

Learn how to write a complaint letter in this podcast.

Daily English 154  Using Email

Learn about using email in English in this podcast.

Daily English 155  A Good Review of a Play

We go to the theater to see a play in this podcast.

Daily English 156  Rumors and Secrets

Listen.  Do you want to know a secret?  Hear one in this podcast.

Daily English 157  Taking the Bus in Los Angeles

Nobody walks in LA, but you can take the bus in this podcast.

Daily English 158  Shopping with My Wife

Go shopping with your loved one in this podcast.

Daily English 159  Moonlighting

Sometimes you have to work two jobs to make enough money to live.  Find out more on this podcast.

Daily English 160  A Flirt

Is that girl really interested in you?  Find out on this podcast.

Cultural English

Cultural English 76

Topics: Scientology, Wikipedia, establishment figures, to not have a clue, at that time, Pardon my French!, Right on!

Cultural English 77

Topics: American houses, what Americans think they need, using “the” before a country’s name, either vs. neither

Cultural English 78

Topics: Daylight Saving Time, March Madness, to solve vs. to resolve, She smells good vs. She smells well

Cultural English 79

Topics: Ask an American - Working, quote vs. offer, Something’s Gotta Give

Cultural English 80

Topics: Google Book Search, Clint Eastwood, village vs. neighborhood, to retrieve vs. to recover, cooking vs. cuisine

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Unit 016


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