Unit 015

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Lessons in Unit 015

Daily English

Daily English 141  A Brainstorming Session

Got a problem?  Find a solution on this podcast.

Daily English 142  At a Nightclub

Dance, dance, dance at a club in this podcast.

Daily English 143  Fighting a Parking Ticket

Try to get out of paying for a parking ticket on this podcast.

Daily English 144  Who Pays?

Who pays for the meal when a man and a woman have dinner?  Find out in this podcast.

Daily English 145  The Big Game

Go to the most important football game of the year in this podcast.

Daily English 146  Suggestions at Work

Learn how to make a suggestion in this podcast.

Daily English 147  Reading and Watching the News

Learn about reading and watching the news in this podcast.

Daily English 148  Paying the Bills

Learn how to pay your bills in this podcast.

Daily English 149  Watching Sports on TV

Watch a game on television in this podcast.

Daily English 150  Volunteer Work

Help others by doing volunteer work in this podcast.

Cultural English

Cultural English 71

Topics: How to ruin your computer, how much things cost in the US, secret vs. confidential vs. private, cliché vs. touché

Cultural English 72

Topics: In the News: The Nobel Effect, dangerous bicycle helmets; to talk someone out of something vs. to have it out with someone; I’ll wait for you vs. I’ll be waiting for you; mixture

Cultural English 73

Topics: Philadelphia, jury duty, canary in a coal mine, rule of thumb

Cultural English 74

Topics: Ask an American: Being a single woman in the US, obviously vs. apparently, sorrow, to delay vs. to postpone vs. to defer

Cultural English 75

Topics: American Songs - Sound of Silence, Good for you! and Good for him!, realize vs. recognize vs. notice, farther vs. further

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Unit 015


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