Unit 014

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Lessons in Unit 014

Daily English

Daily English 131  Sharing an Apartment

Learn about sharing your apartment with someone else in this podcast.

Daily English 132  Getting Through on the Phone.

Learn how to reach someone on the telephone in this podcast.

Daily English 133  Going to a Wedding

Let's get married in today's podcast!

Daily English 134  Dating Someone's Ex

Find out about dating your friend's ex- girlfriend in this podcast.

Daily English 135  Scheduling a Meeting

Learn how to set up a meeting time in this podcast.

Daily English 136  Having a Baby

Congratulations!  You're having a baby on this podcast.

Daily English 137  Meeting an Out of Town Friend.

Meet a friend from out of town in this podcast.

Daily English 138  Hotel Tour Desk

Learn all about taking a tour in this podcast.

Daily English 139  Job Layoffs

Be careful not to lose your job in this podcast.

Daily English 140  Buying on the Internet

Go shopping on the Internet in this podcast.

Cultural English

Cultural English 66

Topics: Ask an American: College Life in the US, all but, specialty vs. speciality, to cut someone off, Don’t be a…, moonshine, to cut someone off

Cultural English 67

Topics: In the News: pretexting, “stay the course,” The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, “if that’s anything to go by,” color vs. hue, contribute vs. attribute, “the die is cast”

Cultural English 68

Topics: Ask an American: Raising a large family, criteria vs. standard, through vs. throughout, to call it quits

Cultural English 69

Topics: Studying abroad in college, Americans and gun control, come and eat vs. come to eat, in spite of vs. despite

Cultural English 70

Topics: Current Movies: Stomp the Yard and Dreamgirls, vibe, sick vs. ill. vs. cold, to hold someone’s hand vs. to hold onto someone

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Unit 014


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