Unit 013

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Lessons in Unit 013

Daily English

Daily English 121  Cooking Dinner

Learn how to talk about cooking dinner in English in this podcast.

Daily English 122  Packing Toiletries for a Trip

Let's take a trip in this podcast, but we have to pack first.

Daily English 123  Pop and Jazz Music

Hear all about popular and jazz music in this podcast.

Daily English 124  Asking for Clarification in a Business Meeting.

Learn how to ask for clarification in English in this podcast.

Daily English 125  Moving

Get ready to move in this podcast.

Daily English 126  Awards Show Season

Learn about the most famous movie, TV, and music awards in the U.S. on this podcast.

Daily English 127  Answering Machine Messages

Learn about answering machine messages in this podcast.

Daily English 128  Hiring Contractors

Learn how to hire someone to fix your house or business in this podcast.

Daily English 129  A Flaky Friend

What happens when your friend is unreliable?  Find out in this podcast.

Daily English 130  Allergic to Cats

Be careful!  Some people are allergic to animals.  Find out all about it on this podcast.

Cultural English

Cultural English 61

Topics: How to work in the United States, interracial dating and marriage, to lean on someone’s shoulder, pronouncing math expressions, rather

Cultural English 62

Topics: New York City, abbreviations after a name (Ph.D., MD, RN, DDS, Esq.), say vs. talk vs. speak vs. tell, towel vs. napkin, what to say when you’re shopping

Cultural English 63

Topics: Dates for dogs, “Me, too!”, Something 101, I’m game, to hover over, travel vs. trip vs. journey, up to vs. until, “Word up!”

Cultural English 64

Topics: “There you go!” vs. “There you are!”, estimate vs. determine, bump vs. dip, opposite vs. in front of, mudslinging, shade vs. shadow, assure vs. ensure vs. insure, definitely vs. exactly

Cultural English 65

Topics: Native rate of speech, to preach to the choir, common sense, “though” at the end of a sentence, possess vs. own, allow you to vs. allows you to, pronouncing “twenty” and “ninety,” picking a suitor, a make-out scene

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Unit 013


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