Unit 012

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Lessons in Unit 012

Daily English

Daily English 111  Last Minute Holiday Shopping

Go holiday shopping in this podcast.

Daily English 112  Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa

Learn how to talk about three holiday celebrations in this podcast.

Daily English 113  New Year's Party

Find out how to celebrate the New Year in this podcast.

Daily English 114  Writing a Thank You Note

Learn how to write an informal thank you note in English in this podcast.

Daily English 115  New Year's Resolution

Make yourself a promise to improve in this podcast.

Daily English 116  Holiday Travel

Find out about traveling during the holidays in this podcast.

Daily English 117  Impressions of LA

Learn about American's general impressions of Los Angeles in this podcast.

Daily English 118  Small Talk at a Business Lunch

Learn how to have informal conversations in English in this podcast.

Daily English 119  Bad Pickup Lines

If you want to learn what NOT to say when asking a girl for her phone number, listen to this episode (you'll laugh!).

Daily English 120  Employee Performance Review

Find out about meeting with your boss in this podcast.

Cultural English

Cultural English 56

Topics: Day of the Dead, Desperate Housewives, work vs. job. vs. occupation, older vs. elder

Cultural English 57

Topics: Woodstock Music Festival, Affirmative Action, hands-on vs. hand-off, to struggle, how to ask for a taxi, May I vs. Can I, to carpool

Cultural English 58

Topics: Table manners in the U.S., Washington, D.C., easygoing, down to earth, to put someone in harm’s way, to take a shot at someone, inquiry

Cultural English 59

Topics: Police in the US, The Simpsons, It’s going down, qwerty, can’t help but, stolen glance, witchcraft

Cultural English 60

Topics: Bestselling books in the U.S., Thanksgiving traditions, to figure out, pronouncing can vs. can’t

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Unit 012


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