Unit 010

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Lessons in Unit 010

Daily English

Daily English 91  Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an annual holiday in the U.S.  Find out more about it in this podcast.

Daily English 92  Types of Work

Learn about different types of jobs in this podcast.

Daily English 93  Diversity at Work

Learn about what is means to be a native speaker of English in this podcast.

Daily English 94  Nervous at an Interview I

Interviewing for a job can make you nervous.  Find out how to talk about it in this podcast.

Daily English 95  Nervous at an Interview II

Interviewing for a job can make you nervous.  Find out how to talk about it in this podcast.

Daily English 96  High School Reunion

Learn about going back to see your old friends from high school in this podcast.

Daily English 97  Checking Into a Hotel

Learn how to check in to a hotel in English in this podcast.

Daily English 98  Winter Weather

Find out about winter weather in this podcast.

Daily English 99  Sitcoms and Game Shows

Find out about watching American television in this podcast.

Daily English 100  Making Unkind Comments

What do you say when someone is saying bad things about another person? Find out in today's podcast.

Cultural English

Cultural English 46

Topics: Business cards in the US, nationalities in English, dry-eyed, killer app

Cultural English 47

Topics: Retirement communities, American superstitions, fling vs. throw vs. toss

Cultural English 48

Topics: After school activities, ethnic neighborhoods in Los Angeles, nude vs. naked vs. bare, anything but

Cultural English 49

Topics: Labor Day, charitable organizations in the U.S., safety vs. security, clutch vs. grip vs. grab

Cultural English 50

Topics: Baseball and related expressions, “gangsta,” compromise versus commitment

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Unit 010


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