Unit 009

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Lessons in Unit 009

Daily English

Daily English 81  Airplane Announcements

Find out what the common airplane announcements mean in English in this podcast.

Daily English 82  In a Rut

Are you tired of doing the same thing every weekend? Find out how to talk about it in English in this podcast.

Daily English 83  Planning a Business Luncheon

Learn about how to plan a business luncheon in English  in this podcast.

Daily English 84  Bargaining with a Seller

Learn about how to bargain with a seller in English  in this podcast.

Daily English 85  The Blind Date

Ever go out on a date with someone you didn't know?  Find out how to talk about it in English in this podcast.

Daily English 86  Asking About Jobs

Learn how to ask about someone's job in this podcast.

Daily English 87  Hotel Housekeeping

Learn how to request hotel housekeeping in this podcast.

Daily English 88  Socializing at a Reception

Learn how to carry on a conversation in English at a reception in this podcast.

Daily English 89  A Good Listener

We all want someone to listen to us.  Learn how to be a good listener in English in this podcast.

Daily English 90  Room Service

Find out how to order food in a hotel in this podcast.

Cultural English

Cultural English 41

Topics: How to tip in the U.S., famous American museums, pronouncing “a,” comfortable vs. convenient, “I used to” vs. “I use to,” of course

Cultural English 42

Topics: Online dating, Pulitzer Prize winners, sitting duck, pronouncing cheap vs. chip and thank vs. tank, to cross your fingers

Cultural English 43

Topics: Obesity, greeting people in the United States, terrific, finally vs. eventually

Cultural English 44

Topics: United States Postal Service, summer camp, whereas vs. but, RSVP (again), to be unable to make heads or tails of something

Cultural English 45

Topics: Graceland and Elvis, Boston, to have a leg up on someone, flat out, seeing eye dogs, to trip up

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Unit 009


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