Unit 006

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Lessons in Unit 006

Daily English

Daily English 51  Eating Fast Food

When you are in a hurry to eat, you can always try fast food. Find out how to talk about it on this podcast.

Daily English 52  Preparing for a Business Trip

Do you have to travel for business? Find out how to talk about it in this podcast.

Daily English 53  Picking a Wardrobe

Learn about picking out clothes to wear in this podcast.

Daily English 54  A Trip to the Jewelry Store

Learn about how to shop at a jewelry store in this podcast.

Daily English 55  A Family Party

Every family has parties. Find out how to talk about it on this podcast.

Daily English 56  Noisy Neighbors

Have you ever had noisy neighbors? Find out how to talk about it in this podcast.

Daily English 57  Making a Presentation

Learn about making a presentation in English in this podcast.

Daily English 58  Having Car Trouble

Learn how to talk about trouble with your car in this podcast.

Daily English 59  Opening a Bank Account

Learn how to talk about opening a bank account in this podcast.

Daily English 60  Calling Tech Support

Learn how to call technical support in English in this podcast.

Cultural English

Cultural English 26

Topics: Political parties in the US, How to begin an email, Even vs. odd, Unless, "Six feet under"

Cultural English 27

Topics: State of Illinois; British versus American English; just versus only; to decide versus to make up one’s mind; "in the eye of the beholder"; behind versus beyond, MIA; for my part versus on my part; pronouncing sheep, ship, feet, and fit

Cultural English 28

Topics: Easter bunny, Income Tax Day, immigration protests in the US, actually, zero vs. nil, to be on your last legs, third straight time, despite versus in spite of.

Cultural English 29

Topics: New movie by Spike Lee, Ice Age, how Americans buy groceries, "Catch 22," can vs. to be able to, no longer, period vs. bottom line, "freak on a leash"

Cultural English 30

Topics: News on the Internet; opinion polls and the environment; to think of versus to think about (something); think tank; close of business

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Unit 006


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