Unit 005

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Lessons in Unit 005

Daily English

Daily English 41  Understanding Men and Women

Men and women sometimes have problems communicating with each other. Learn how to talk about it in this podcast.

Daily English 42  Talking to a Professor

Find out in this podcast how to talk to your college professor or teacher.

Daily English 43  A Trip to the Library

Find out about how to talk about the library in this podcast.

Daily English 44  Hiring for a Job

Find out how to talk about hiring someone for a job in this podcast.

Daily English 45  A Camping Trip

Some people love to go camping. Find out how to talk about on this podcast.

Daily English 46  Getting Ready to Go

You need to go to work, but first you have to get ready. Find out how to talk about it in this podcast.

Daily English 47  Teamwork

At school and at work, you have to be able to work with others. Find out how to talk about it in this podcast.

Daily English 48  Getting a Haircut

Learn how to talk about getting a haircut in this podcast.

Daily English 49  Preparing a Paper (for School)

Preparing a paper to turn in requires some special care. Find out how to talk about it in this podcast.

Daily English 50  Reading Magazines

Reading magazines can be relaxing and informative. Find out about how to talk about it in this podcast.

Cultural English

Cultural English 21

Topics: Minnesota, Interjections, Would rather, rather than, and rather prefer, "smoking gun"

Cultural English 22

Topics: Bob Dylan, More interjections, in vs. into, indeed, "mail-in rebate," on time vs. in time, administer vs. manage vs. administrate

Cultural English 23

Topics: St. Patrick's Day, British versus American English, "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush," Going to vs. will, "Pod"

Cultural English 24

Topics: Smoking Bans, British and American English II, they and he, wage vs. salary, blue vs. white collar, now vs. right now

Cultural English 25

Topics: Spring Break, Movie Ratings in the US, "Stay tuned," Frightened vs. Afraid, Customer vs. Consumer

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Unit 005


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