Unit 004

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Lessons in Unit 004

Daily English

Daily English 31  Getting Up

Learn the vocabulary Lucy uses as she gets up from bed.

Daily English 33  Eating Breakfast

Learn the vocabulary Lucy uses as she eats her breakfast.

Daily English 34  Doing Hair

Learn the vocabulary Lucy uses as she fixes her hair before going to work.

Daily English 35  Taking Public Transportation

Learn the vocabulary Lucy uses when she takes public transportation to get to work.

Daily English 36  At My Desk

Learn the vocabulary Lucy uses at work.

Daily English 37  Bank and Market

Learn the vocabulary Lucy uses at the bank and market.

Daily English 38  Dinner and Making Dessert

Learn the vocabulary Lucy uses as she prepares dinner and dessert.

Daily English 39  Cleaning and Relaxing

Learn the vocabulary Lucy uses as she cleans up before going to bed.

Daily English 40  Getting Ready for Bed and Going to Sleep

Learn the vocabulary Lucy uses as she gets ready for bed.

Cultural English

Cultural English 16

Topics: Taking a survey, Special bonus podcast "Secrets to Improving Your English," Housing prices in the US, To have vs. To be and the past participle.

Cultural English 17

Topics: Nicknames and shortened names, 'To kill two birds with one stone' and 'The early bird gets the worm,' May vs. Can, Using do + verb, "Suite," and to wash down.

Cultural English 18

Topics: Mardi Gras, Getty Villa, Have to v. got to v. going to have to, Hype, "No brainer," Would in the past tense

Cultural English 19

Topics: The Oscars, Pimps, "Down to the wire," "And so forth," and I or It?

Cultural English 20

Topics: Feeling under the weather, Common abbreviations, Using initials, Now vs. right now

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Unit 004


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