Unit 003

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Lessons in Unit 003

Daily English

Daily English 21  Getting an Interview

Learn how to talk about interviews and getting a job on today's podcast.

Daily English 22  Making a Good Impression

It is important to prepare for an interview. Learn how on today's podcast.

Daily English 23  A Visit to the Doctor

We all have to see the doctor sometime in our life. Learn how to talk about it on today's podcast.

Daily English 24  Taking Credit

What happens when there is a problem at the office? Find out in today's podcast.

Daily English 25  A Trip to New York City

Today we talk about a trip New York City.

Daily English 26  At the Movies

There is nothing like seeing a good movie. Find out how to talk about it on today's podcast.

Daily English 27  Car Trouble

If you have a car, then someday you will have car trouble. Find out how to talk about it on today's podcast.

Daily English 28  Cashing a Check

Need some money? Learn how to cash a check in today's podcast.

Daily English 29  Staying In

Sometimes just staying at home is the most relaxing thing you can do. Learn how to talk about it on today's podcast.

Daily English 30  At the Art Exhibit

Visit an art exhibit in today's podcast.

Cultural English

Cultural English 11

Topics: Three Strikes, Groundhog Day, Lost and CSI, Regards and Cheers, Amazing versus Awesome, "On the heels of..."

Cultural English 12

Topics: Stealing art, Religions in the US, "Walk the Line," I've had versus I had had, Jump across the pond, "She's a complete knockout!"

Cultural English 13

Topics: Spam, Valentine's Day, the Winter Olympics, "In terms of," Must vs. have vs. got to, Possessives, To raise vs. to rise

Cultural English 14

Topics: Spelling words, Popular baby names in the US, Britney Spears and Seatbelts, "Don't get mad, get even!", To spoil someone, To undertake, Compared to or with?, How to end an email

Cultural English 15

Topics: Wasting time at work, California's reputation, Carpet in the US, Call signs, Yet vs. Still

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Unit 003


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