Unit 002

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Lessons in Unit 002

Daily English

Daily English 11  Getting Ready for Bed and Going to Sleep

It's time to go to bed in this English podcast.

Daily English 12  Small Talk About the Weather

Learn about the common vocabulary used when talking about weather in this podcast.

Daily English 13  Going to the Drugstore

If you're sick, you sometimes need to go to the pharmacy. Learn more about visiting the drugstore in today's podcast.

Daily English 14  Going to the Post Office

Sending a letter first class, priority, or express? Find out how to mail letters and packages in today's podcast.

Daily English 15  Problems at the Office

How do you handle problems at work? Find out how in today's podcast.

Daily English 16  Driving on the Freeways

Learn how to talk about driving on today's podcast.

Daily English 17  Reading the Newspaper

Newspapers have something for everyone. Find out about how to talk about them in today's podcast.

Daily English 18  Seeing Old Friends

It's time to see friends we haven't seen in a while in today's podcast.

Daily English 19  Tough Negotiations

Negotiating can be difficult in business and in our personal life. Find out how to talk about it in today's podcast.

Daily English 20  Formal Emails

How do you write a formal email? Find out how on today's podcast.

Cultural English

Cultural English 06

Topics: Healthcare in the United States; Johnny Cash; as if; to get (one’s) ya-yas; to put an animal to sleep

Cultural English 07

Topics:  Television in the US, Spelling Bees in Schools, Policy versus Politics, Pronunciation in Minnesota

Cultural English 08

Topics today: Charles Dickens, Night, Dr. Phil, Sundance Film Festival, Donald Trump, Very vs. Really, Pretty vs. Quite

Cultural English 09

Topics: The American educational system; Sweet 16; effect versus to affect; to feel; maybe versus perhaps

Cultural English 10

Topics: Super Bowl parties; widow versus widower; advocate; trust me; buddy; mud; I bet; gonna; speaking of which; to pass away

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Unit 002


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