Unit 001

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Lessons in Unit 001

Daily English

Daily English 1  Introducing Yourself

Learn how to introduce yourself in English.

Daily English 2  Getting Up

Learn about the common vocabulary used when getting up in the morning.

Daily English 3  Cleaning Up

Now that you're out of bed, it's time to clean yourself up.

Daily English 4  Eating Breakfast

Find out the common vocabulary used when taking the most important meal of the day.

Daily English 5  Getting Dressed & Ready for Work

Get dressed! Today we learn about the common vocabulary used when getting dressed and ready for work.

Daily English 6  The Commute to Work

We'll learn today about the regular vocabulary used when travelling to work.

Daily English 7  At My Desk, on Break, and at Lunch

We'll talk about the regular vocabulary used when talking about being at your desk, when you're on break, and when you're having lunch at work.

Daily English 8  The Commute Home and Running Errands

Learn all about the common vocabulary used when doing errands on the way home.

Daily English 9  Making Dinner, Eating Dinner

Ready for bed? Not after you make and eat dinner and clean up.

Daily English 10  Relaxing, Reading the Mail, and the Trash

A little relaxation, then it's time to get the mail, and take out the trash.

Cultural English

Cultural English 01

Topics: Generations in the United States; blockbuster movies; pronouncing “a”; honeymoon; to outsource; cut to the chase

Cultural English 02

Topics: New Year’s Resolutions; best sellers; “Oh, my goodness!”; dead weight, dead right, and dead broke

Cultural English 03

Topics: Famous Americans: Queen Latifah; Smoking bans; at this point; trade-off; driveway versus parkway

Cultural English 04

Topics: Filming in LA, Howard Stern, Worst Dressed Americans, Lolita, New Macs, Dove or Pigeon?, Color Bracelets, "Do you get it?"

Cultural English 05

Topics: New Software, Brunch, Oprah's Book Club, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, How to End a Letter or Email, Can vs. Can't

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Unit 001


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