March 2017

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Lessons for March 2017

Daily English

Daily English 1290  Describing Car Speed and Power

Do you want to take a ride in my fast car? Learn how to talk about car speed and performance in this lesson.

Daily English 1291  Types of Metal

In this lesson, learn about different types of metals found in and around our homes.

Daily English 1292  Being a Victim of Extortion

Running a business is hard enough without having criminals take your money. Listen to what some business owners have to put up with.

Daily English 1293  Types of Body Noises

Gross! Did you just burp? Listen and learn about body noises in this lesson and try not to feel sick.

Daily English 1294  Chaperoning a Field Trip

It’s a big responsibility watching over students on a field trip. Find out what a chaperone’s responsibilities are in this lesson.

Daily English 1295  Buying a Watch

Buying a watch isn’t as simple as it used to be. Listen and learn about the many different types of watches in this lesson.

Daily English 1296  Taking a Buyout

If you’re tired of working, then a buyout might be for you. Find out how a company buyout works in this lesson.

Daily English 1297  Types of Neighborhoods

Where do you want to live? Find out about your options in this lesson.

Cultural English

Cultural English 596

Topics: Popular Idioms – “Dutch courage,” “Dutch treat/To go dutch,” and “Dutch uncle”; antique versus vintage; necessary versus needed; to make (one’s) case

Cultural English 597

Topics: The Bald Eagle and the Great Seal of the United States; to sleep in versus to oversleep; to be (once, twice, etc.) removed; wantonness

Cultural English 598

Topics: Popular Idioms – “Mexican Standoff” and “Young Turks”; paranormal versus abnormal; tough, tuff, and tough guy; even

Cultural English 599

Topics: A Fraudulent Auction; term versus semester; to go to church/mosque versus to go to the church/mosque; to coin a phrase

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March 2017


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