January 2017

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Lessons for January 2017

Daily English

Daily English 1274  Childish Fighting and Misbehavior.

Think your coworkers are unreasonable? Listen to how some behave like children.

Daily English 1275  Working as a Musician

Follow your dream to make it big as a musician in this lesson.

Daily English 1276  Using an On-site Daycare

Do you know where your children are? They’re in the building? Let’s visit them together in this lesson.

Daily English 1277  Inconsiderate Subway/Train Passengers

Riding on the subway isn’t always enjoyable. In this lesson, learn how to talk about some of the biggest annoyances.

Daily English 1278  Applying to a Selective School

Getting into an exclusive school isn’t fun and games. Listen to what some schools require of students and their parents.

Daily English 1279  Baking for People with Dietary Restrictions

No sugar, no flour, no nuts, no wheat. How do you make sweats without them? Listen to this lesson.

Daily English 1280  Describing Poor Audio Quality

Learn how to describe in English the strange sounds you sometimes hear when you listen to a recording.

Daily English 1281  Going to the Playground

Let’s all have fun with the children playing at a playground in the park.

Cultural English

Cultural English 588

Topics: The Women Airforce Service Pilots; technically versus typically versus basically; apology versus apologies; to approve versus to approve of

Cultural English 589

Topics: Famous Americans – Kenny Rogers; Elements of Style; over time; pronouncing “rushing” versus “Russian”

Cultural English 590

Topics: The Amana Colonies; resolution versus promise; fate versus destiny; saying “oh” or “zero” when reading numbers aloud

Cultural English 591

Famous Americans – Esther Williams; latest versus recent versus current; to put (something) on (one’s) account; sneak peek

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January 2017


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