February 2017

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Lessons for February 2017

Daily English

Daily English 1282  Working in a Scientific Field

There are many different kinds of scientists. Learn what we call them in English in this lesson.

Daily English 1283  Forgetting Someone’s Birthday

Never forget that if you forget your wife’s birthday, she will never forget that you forgot.

Daily English 1284  Discovering a Minor Theft

Stealing is wrong even if it is just a small thing, but that doesn’t mean the punishment should be the same in all cases. Learn why in this episode.

Daily English 1285  Types of Commendations

Do you want to be recognized for being better than other people at something? Then this lesson will help you talk about all of your awards and prizes.

Daily English 1286  Experiencing Headaches

Everyone gets a headache at some point, so it’s good to know how to describe them. Learn more in this episode.

Daily English 1287  Using Adapters and Converters

Not all countries use the same kind of electrical power or connectors. Learn what to bring for your devices if you travel internationally in this lesson.

Daily English 1288  Being a Job-Hopper

Some people can’t stay in a job for very long. Discover if this is a good thing or a bad thing in this lesson.

Daily English 1289  Problems With Drinking Water

They say that in some places, you shouldn’t drink the water. But what do you do if you’re thirsty? Find out in this lesson.

Cultural English

Cultural English 592

Topics: American Authors – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; area versus zone versus region; to come along; to burn bridges

Cultural English 593

Topics: The Righteous Brothers – “You’ve Got That Loving Feeling” and “Unchanged Melody;” ingrate, malcontent, and ungrateful; to allow versus to authorize; pronouncing morning versus mourning

Cultural English 594

Topics: The Black Loyalists of the American Revolution; alert versus alarm versus warning; haze versus mist; pronouncing “advantage” and other “nt” words

Cultural English 595

Topics: National Lampoon; contest versus competition versus match versus game; (in the) meantime versus meanwhile

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February 2017


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