English for Business Meetings

This course teaches you both formal and informal business English needed to participate in business meeting.

You learn English based on different dialogues from two different business meetings:

  • Meeting A is an informal business meeting.
  • Meeting B is a formal business meeting.

No matter what kind of meeting you attend or business you work in, this course covers important business vocabulary useful for anyone wanting to communicate better in an English-speaking professional setting.

Audio: 5 hours, 10 minutes

Learning Guide: 121 pages



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  • Tested, proven lessons used by more than 1.27 million students in 189 countries
  • Practical English expressions and terms used by American businesspeople in meetings and conferences
  • Phrases in English for both formal and informal meetings, so you can handle any situation
  • Presented by Dr. Jeff McQuillan, whose funny and entertainment lessons have been used by millions around the world
  • Based 100% on scientific research, proven successful - all lessons written by two Ph.D.s in applied linguistics
  • More than 7 hours of lessons to give you a complete knowledge of what you need for meetings in English