December 2016

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Lessons for December 2016

Daily English

Daily English 1266  Being a Refugee

Even if you’re not a refugee, listen to this episode to learn how to talk about them in English.

Daily English 1267  Types of Nurses

The world of modern medicine can’t function without nurses. Learn how to describe all the different kinds of nurses in this episode.

Daily English 1268  Conducting Employee Background Checks

If you did something bad in your past, someone may find out about it. Learn how in this episode.

Daily English 1269  Problems with the Heating System

Baby, it’s cold outside. Why not stay here and I’ll teach you all about heating systems. (Wait – you’re leaving?)

Daily English 1270  Cold and Frozen Treats

Some like them hot, some like them cold, but everyone likes dessert. Learn all about them in this episode.

Daily English 1271  Disapproving of a Remarriage

Should you get married again after your spouse passes away? Find out in this episode.

Daily English 1272  Returning and Exchanging Merchandise

Didn’t get what you wanted for the holidays? Learn how to bring gifts back to the store you don’t really like (and yes, Americans do that).

Daily English 1273  Improving School Security

Even schools can be dangerous places today. Learn how some people want to make them safer in this episode.

Cultural English

Cultural English 584

Topics: Famous Americans – Bob Hope; severe versus serious; bill versus check; pronouncing words with the silent “b”

Cultural English 585

Topics: American Authors – Truman Capote; to be understaffed versus to be stretched thin versus to be on the brink of; don’t mention it versus you’re welcome versus my pleasure; bees knees

Cultural English 586

Topics: Famous Americans – Malcolm X; to pack/packing versus to box/boxing versus to wrap/wrapping; rational versus reasonable; to insinuateTopics: Famous Americans – Malcolm X; to pack/packing versus to box/boxing versus to wrap/wrapping; rational versus reasonable; to insinuate

Cultural English 587

Topics: The Mayflower and the Mayflower Compact; to encompass versus to comprise; edge versus margin; do me right

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December 2016


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