April 2017

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Lessons for April 2017

Daily English

Daily English 1298  Claiming Credit for an Invention

Learn how to talk about giving proper credit to the person who thought of a new idea in this episode.

Daily English 1299  Trading Insults

Here are some things you should never say to your boss, spouse, or neighbor.

Daily English 1300  Diversifying a Workforce

Having different kinds of people working at a company can sometimes help generate new ideas. Learn more in this episode.

Daily English 1301  Describing Very Large and Small Sizes

Find out how to describe very big things, and very small ones, in this lesson.

Daily English 1302  Complaining About Parents

Teenagers love to complain about their parents. Learn how they do it in this lesson.

Daily English 1303  Disputing an Incorrect Bill

If a company charges you too much money, you have to contact them to get it fixed. Learn how in this lesson.

Daily English 1304  Expressing Gratitude

There are many ways to thank someone. Learn some of them in this lesson.

Daily English 1305  Saying a Final Goodbye

You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here. Learn how to say good-bye to someone in this lesson.

Cultural English

Cultural English 600

Topics: Questions Answered: The song “Cat’s and the Cradle”; hardly versus rarely; you’re reaching and that’s a stretch; to fix on versus to fixate on; hilarious versus ridiculous, pronouncing death and deaf

Cultural English 601

Topics: Questions Answered: Whose Line is it Anyway?, to shiver versus to tremble versus to quiver; something versus something else; to bite the bullet; to blow (something) apart; to shy (away) from

Cultural English 602

Topics: Questions Answered:  To head-butt a curb, to thin the herd, and to sound like a blue chip; to mock versus to jeer versus to taunt versus to deride; background versus backdrop; to turn out to be; to be on fire; pronouncing “Is he?” and “Is she?”

Cultural English 603

Topics: Questions Answered:  Folk beliefs versus omens versus signs; crook, to lurk, prey, and gullible; corrupt and corrupted; to walk (someone) through (something); rough ride; is all

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April 2017

NOTE: April, 2017 is our final (last) month of new episodes.
Have fun listening to any of our other 1300+ Daily English and 600+ Cultural English lessons!


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NOTE: April, 2017 is our final (last) month of new episodes.
Have fun listening to any of our other 1300+ Daily English and 600+ Cultural English lessons!