Daily English 105 - Driving Directions

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I was getting into my car at the mall when I noticed a man standing nearby with a map. He looked confused and I asked him if I could help. He looked up and was clearly relieved. He was from Houston, Texas, he told me, and he was visiting his daughter. She was at work that afternoon and he wanted to take the opportunity to buy her a present before she got back. But, he wasn't accustomed to driving in L.A. and he got all turned around. His daughter lived near the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and he needed to find his way back.

I was familiar with that area so I gave him some directions:

"When you drive out of the mall, turn left and get into the far right lane. You need to get on the 10 freeway and the on-ramp will be on your right. Go about two blocks and you will see a sign that says 10W right after you cross under the bridge. Once you are on the freeway, look out for the exit for La Brea Avenue. Get off at that off-ramp and you will be heading north on La Brea. Go straight up La Brea, past Venice Boulevard, and keep your eye out for Wilshire Boulevard. If you get to Beverly Boulevard, you've gone too far. A good landmark to look for is the big Samsung sign on the corner, at the intersection of La Brea and Wilshire atop an office building. Make a left on Wilshire, going west. Go about six blocks and you'll see the museum on the right-hand side."

The man said that he knew his way from the museum and thanked me for the directions.

I was glad I could help. I don't envy anyone who has to drive the freeways in L.A. It's not for the faint of heart!

Category: Transportation

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