Daily English 935 - Showing Signs of Age

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Julian: What is that, another gray hair?! My hair is already thinning on top. I don’t need more gray hairs.

Vera: I think salt and pepper hair looks great on men. It makes them look distinguished.

Julian: It makes them look old. Thank God I don’t have a receding hairline – yet.

Vera: When you get to be my age, you won’t worry so much about graying hair. There are a lot of other things to worry about.

Julian: Like what?

Vera: Forget I mentioned it. Showing signs of age isn’t something to be lamented. It’s natural and part of maturing as a person. It gives you character.

Julian: Stop being evasive. Like what?

Vera: Okay, like wrinkles and age spots, deafness and memory loss.

Julian: Gee, thanks. If I ever need to talk someone off a ledge, I’ll give you a call!

Category: About You

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