Daily English 891 - Checking on the Status of an Application

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Leo: Here’s the mail.

Denise: Did I get anything?

Leo: No, sorry. Are you expecting something?

Denise: Yeah, I’m waiting for a decision letter about my application to the McQ program. I should hear any day now.

Leo: Have you thought about calling and checking on the status?

Denise: I called last week and my application was still under review. I was told that a decision was still pending.

Leo: I’m sure it was just awaiting approval. There is no chance it’ll be rejected. You’re an ideal candidate and you’re sure to get good news in a day or two.

Denise: I hope you’re right. In the meantime, I’m on pins and needles. Every time the mail carrier walks by, my heart skips a beat.

Leo: I know this is important to you, but you’ve got to keep it in perspective. It’s not a life-or-death situation.

Denise: I am keeping it in perspective. If I don’t get into this program, it’s only the end of my career, my dream, and my future – that’s all!

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