Daily English 853 - Reading an Obituary

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Ivy: This is so sad!

Stephan: What is?

Ivy: I’m reading the obituary for one of my favorite actors as a child, Mr. McBoo. He had quite a life.

Stephan: Oh, yeah?

Ivy: Yeah, and this article has really done him justice. It’s a nice tribute to a man who touched so many lives. It says here that he’s survived by his wife and five children.

Stephan: Did he live to a ripe old age?

Ivy: He was 97 when he died. There’ll be a memorial service and funeral for him this Saturday. I think I’ll send some flowers.

Stephan: Really? You didn’t know him personally, did you?

Ivy: No, but it would be nice to be part of the funeral, in some small way. I wonder who’ll be giving the eulogies. I’m sure it’ll be somebody important.

Stephan: If you say so. I’ve never heard of him. Was he on a children’s show, or something?

Ivy: You’ve never heard of Mr. McBoo?! Were you raised in a cave?

Stephan: Not quite. We didn’t have a TV in the home when I was growing up.

Ivy: Oh, you poor, poor man. You’ve been deprived of Mr. McBoo all your life. Don’t worry. I’ll fix that. I have all of his shows, so we can have a viewing marathon this weekend.

Stephan: Lucky me.

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