Daily English 817 - Getting a School Class Schedule

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Carlos: Did you get your class schedule?

Marianne: Yeah. You?

Carlos: Yeah. Let’s see if we have any classes together. I have PE with Mr. Lopez and social studies with Ms. Walters. How about you?

Marianne: I have PE with Ms. Schwartz and social studies with Ms. Eng. Who do you have for geography? I’m taking it with Mr. Johnson.

Carlos: I’m not taking geography this semester. Who do you have for algebra? I have Ms. Adul.

Marianne: I’m not taking algebra. I’m taking calculus. Who do you have for chemistry?

Carlos: I’m taking biology instead. This isn’t looking good. Do we even have lunch together? I’ve been assigned the first lunch period. You?

Marianne: I have the second lunch period. How is it possible that we don’t have any classes together?

Carlos: I have an idea. Are you taking band after school?

Marianne: No, you know I’m not musical. I’m taking drama.

Carlos: Drop drama and take band. That way, we’ll at least be able to hang out after school.

Marianne: And what am I supposed to play in the band when I’m tone deaf?

Carlos: Have you ever heard of the drums?

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