Daily English 790 - Giving Birth to Twins

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Jerome: Congratulations! I just heard that you’re pregnant with twins.

Paula: Thanks. We’re very excited, although I’m a little worried about a multiple birth.

Jerome: I come from a long line of multiple births. My father is an identical twin and he had cousins who are fraternal twins.

Paula: I see what you mean.

Jerome: That’s not even the half of it. My maternal grandmother gave birth to triplets and my aunt had quadruplets.

Paula: Wow, multiple births certainly run in your family. What about your immediate family?

Jerome: You’re not going to believe this, but my mother had octuplets. I have seven brothers and sisters the same age.

Paula: And all of you survived?

Jerome: Yup, every single one of us. We often joke that my mother didn’t have babies. She had a litter!

Category: Health + Medicine|Relationships + Family

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