Daily English 697 - Eating a School Lunch

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Chris: What are you doing? Let’s get into the hot lunch line.

Sybil: See this lunchbox? My mom made me brown-bag it today. She says that the lunches served at school aren’t nutritious enough.

Chris: That sucks. What did she make you?

Sybil: A salad.

Chris: Oh, gross. I really feel sorry for you. What else?

Sybil: Let me see. There are some carrot sticks, too.

Chris: Sucker! You should have thrown a fit. I wouldn’t have taken it lying down. Listen to me. You should ditch that lunch and buy lunch instead, like me.

Sybil: I can’t. I don’t have any lunch money. Do you want to trade some of yours for mine?

Chris: You’re dreaming. There’s no way I’m trading my pizza for your salad and carrot sticks.

Sybil: Not even if I do your math homework?

Chris: Math homework? Now you’ve got my attention.

Sybil: Only if you give me the entire slice of pizza.

Chris: You drive a hard bargain. How about this? I’ll split the pizza with you, if you’ll do my homework.

Sybil: You must really think I’m a sucker if you think I’d agree to that!

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