Daily English 587 - Feeling Disillusioned

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Daniela: I did it. I finally met Mandy Timpkin.

Tony: Mandy Timpkin, your idol?

Daniela: Yeah, I stood in line for two days at her book signing and finally met her. It was a big disappointment.

Tony: Really? I thought she could do no wrong, as far as you’re concerned.

Daniela: Well, that was before I met her. I have always wanted to be just like her. She had everything going for her: a great life and a great career. I emulated her in so many ways. I thought she must be a paragon of virtue and a great person to be around. I walked into that bookstore with all of these preconceived notions.

Tony: What happened to shatter your image of her?

Daniela: While I waited in line, I saw what kind of person she really was. She was rude to everybody and made ridiculous demands of her assistants. It wasn’t how I pictured her at all. She was a real diva.

Tony: So meeting her really burst your bubble.

Daniela: Yeah, it really did. I guess it was my own fault for putting her on a pedestal.

Tony: Well, you’re not the only one. Celebrities wouldn’t be celebrities if we didn’t idolize them.

Daniela: True enough, and I’ve learned my lesson. Nobody’s perfect, least of all celebrities!

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