Daily English 447 - Heating and Cooling a Home

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Carla: It’s freezing in here! Why is the air conditioner on?

Trent: I just finished exercising and I’m sweating like a pig.

Carla: That’s no reason to turn the A/C on full blast! I’m cold. I’m turning on the heat for a little while.

Trent: Are you crazy? It’s 70 degrees outside!

Carla: I’m no crazier than you are. How come you can turn on the A/C and I can’t turn on the heat?

Trent: I only turned on the A/C because it’s so humid outside, and it was taking a long time for me to cool down. If you’re cold, just open the windows and doors, and we’ll get some ventilation in here. It’ll heat up again pretty quickly.

Carla: What should I do in the meantime? Put on my winter coat or crawl under the covers?

Trent: Go sit outside. I’ll get myself a glass of iced tea and I’ll get you a cup of hot tea. How does that sound?

Carla: Leave it to you to come up with the best idea of the day!

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