Daily English 396 - Dealing in the Black Market

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Jasinda: Was that your friend Mitch?

Thomas: Yeah, he and I had lunch today to talk about some business opportunities.

Jasinda: What line of work is he in?

Thomas: Well, I guess you could say he’s in the import/export business.

Jasinda: Hmm…Why are you being so shifty? Isn’t his business on the up and up? He doesn’t deal in the black market, does he?

Thomas: Let’s just say that he takes full advantage of a free market and there’s nothing wrong with the gray market.

Jasinda: You’re not telling me he deals in stolen goods, are you?

Thomas: No, no, nothing like that. Don’t be so naive. There is an entire underground economy in this country, which serves an important purpose. It gets people what they want.

Jasinda: Is he a smuggler? Does he deal in counterfeit or pirated goods? Is that it?

Thomas: I’m not saying another word.

Jasinda: You did say that you were having lunch to talk about business opportunities. You’re not thinking of going into business with him, are you?

Thomas: It was just talk. Nothing is set in stone – yet.

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