Daily English 283 - A Restaurant Drive-Thru

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I had a little time between appointments and stopped at a fast food restaurant to get some lunch. The idea was to save time by using the drive-thru, but it didn’t work out that way.

Order-taker: Welcome to McDenny’s. May I take your order?

Daniel: Yes. I’d like a cheeseburger, an order of French fries, and a large soda.

Order-taker: I’m sorry, sir. Can you speak up and speak directly into the microphone? I can barely hear you.

Daniel: Oh, okay. I want to order one cheeseburger, one order of fries, and a large soda.

Order-taker: That’s four hamburgers, an order of French fries, and a sundae. Would you like anything else?

Daniel: No, I mean, yes. That order isn’t right. I wanted one cheeseburger, one order of fries, and a soda.

Order-taker: No problem, sir. There’s no need to shout. I can add those to your order. That’s four hamburgers, one cheeseburger, two orders of French fries, a sundae, and a soda. Your total comes to $18.95. Please pull up to the next window.

Daniel: Wait! Hello, hello. There’s been a mix-up. Hello!

Order-taker: Please pull up to the next window, sir. There are cars behind you and you’re holding up the line.

Daniel: But you don’t understand. My order is all wrong. I don’t want five burgers!

Order-taker: Well, sir, if you’ve changed your mind, just tell me your new order. There are other customers waiting.

Daniel: Forget it. Cancel my order. I’ve lost my appetite!

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