Daily English 275 - A Soccer Match

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Shandy: Oh, that player just hit my boyfriend! Did you see that? That was definitely a penalty.

Giuseppe: No, I didn’t. I was watching the goalie. The referee isn’t doing anything.

Shandy: I can’t believe it. Why isn’t the coach talking to that referee? I’m sure the other player deliberately kicked Fabio with his cleats.

Giuseppe: Hey, look! Fabio has the ball and he’s taking it all the way down the field. He shoots, he scores! That’s his second goal of the game. He’s going to win the game for the team.

Shandy: What’s he doing now? Why is he on the ground? Is he hurt?

Giuseppe: I don’t know. The trainer is helping him off the field. It doesn’t look serious.

Shandy: That’s good, but he hates sitting on the bench. He won’t want to watch the rest of the match from the sidelines.

Giuseppe: Look at the stands over there!

Shandy: What’s happening? Why are they all standing up? Oh, they’re starting a wave. I thought for a minute that the fans were getting into a brawl.

Giuseppe: It’s coming this way.

Shandy: Okay, here we go!

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