Daily English 245 - Characteristics of an Ideal Mate

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I’ve been trying to set up my good friend, Rachid, with one of my single girlfriends, but I still wasn’t too sure what his type would be.

Tamara: So, tell me what you’re looking for in a woman.

Rachid: She has to be rich and hot!

Tamara: Come on! Be serious.

Rachid: Okay, okay, but I don’t know why married people are always trying to get their single friends married off. Is it because misery loves company?

Tamara: Stop being a smart aleck and answer the question.

Rachid: All right. I’m being serious now. What do I look for in a woman? I’d like someone who has a good sense of humor, someone who is kind-hearted and easy to talk to, and is supportive of me.

Tamara: What about vital statistics? Age, physical type?

Rachid: She has to be pretty, but I’m not too picky about whether she’s a blond, brunette, or redhead. She should be my height or shorter, and around my age or a few years younger or older.

Tamara: That helps a little to narrow down who may be a good match for you. Any deal killers?

Rachid: I don’t like women who are too chatty or who are too bossy. Otherwise, I have a pretty open mind when it comes to women.

Tamara: Okay, I can think of at least a couple of friends who may be willing to put up with you.

Rachid: Put up with me? Are you kidding? I’m a catch!

Tamara: Oh, geez. Finding somebody for you is going to be harder than I thought!

Category: Relationships + Family

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