Daily English 181 - Company Profiles

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Roberta: What are you working on?

Lee: Oh, I’m writing the company profiles for the businesses participating in the meeting next month. Do you have a minute to give me some feedback?

Roberta: Sure, what do you have so far?

Lee: I’ve started to write the ones for Lundrun and Max Electronics. This is what I have for Lundrun so far: “A Fortune 500 company, Lundrun is a world leader in car manufacturing. Founded in 1936, Lundrun today is a $90 billion dollar company that sets a standard in the industry.”

Roberta: That’s pretty good. Don’t forget to mention that their headquarters are in Chicago.

Lee: Oh, yeah. I’ll make sure I add that. Okay, here’s what I have for Max Electronics: “Max Electronics is a Frankfurt-based company that has been a pioneer in the manufacturing of home electronics for over 75 years. The company has a global network of 1,500 distributors and has stores in 53 countries worldwide.”

Roberta: That’s a good start. Why don’t you pass them by me when you’re done and I can give you some more feedback?

Lee: Yeah, I’ll do that. Thanks a lot.

Category: Business

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