Daily English 1227 - Altering Clothing

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Mom: Put on these pants and this shirt, come over here, and stand still. I need to alter your brother’s clothes to fit you.

Sa’ad: Oh, Mom!

Mom: Hurry up. I need to let down the hems and take up the sleeves. I don’t think I have to take in the pant legs, but I might have to let out the waist a little.

Sa’ad: Ouch!

Mom: Sorry, but you need to stop moving around or your hem will be uneven and your seams will be crooked. You and your brothers are growing so fast I feel like a full-time tailor!

Sa’ad: Are we done?

Mom: No, we’re not. Stay right there. You can help me iron a crease into this shirt before I put it through the sewing machine.

Sa’ad: Oh, Mom!

Mom: Don’t “Oh, Mom” me. This machine doesn’t seem to be working. I hope I don’t have to stitch all these by hand.

Sa’ad: Mom, since I’m growing so fast, I’ll probably grow out of these clothes in a couple of months. Let’s wait until after my growth spurtto alter them.

Mom: And what will you wear in the meantime, high waters?

Sa’ad: No, shorts!

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