Daily English 1226 - Describing Sounds

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Naomi: Stop! Stop!

Omar: What’s the matter?

Naomi: My bike is making a strange sound.

Omar: What kind of sound?

Naomi: It’s a clanging sound followed by a hissing or buzzing noise. I need to pinpoint where it’s coming from.

Omar: Walk your bike and we’ll both listen, you on one side and me on the other.

Naomi: Okay, here goes. Hear that?

Omar: Yeah, but it’s more of a popping or pinging sound.

Naomi: It sounded different when I was riding it. I’ll get on and you run alongside. What do you hear?

Omar: I hear the whirring of the pedals and the creaking and rattling of the chain, but no clanging sound.

Naomi: I’ll speed up. What do you hear now?

Omar: Nothing, just the rustling of my own clothes.

Naomi: The sound gets louder as I speed up. I’ll go faster. Now what do you hear?

Omar: Just my own panting and…my… last gasp

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